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We are Patrick + Jude Thompson, a husband + wife creative duo living in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

We both grew up in Bangor and have known each other since we were teens, becoming best friends somewhere along the way. We got together in 2014, six months later we got engaged and and six months after that we were married. 

We spent the first 5 years of marriage travelling full time with the band, Rend Collective,

with Me as the photographer and Patrick as the Guitarist. Inspired by our travels and nature, we fell in love with photography as a way of taking a step away from work on the road, taking ourselves away with our cameras on days off, now we always have our cameras slung over our shoulders.

The idea of printing our own photos came along while renovating our little 1920s home as we began the hunt for prints to fill our walls. We struggled to find a place to print our photos in the style and quality we liked so we got ourselves a great big printer and solved the problem.
Before lockdown we were never home for more than a few weeks at a time, now with all our new found time at home we felt like we had an opportunity to try something new! So here we are with a little shop pretending we know what we are doing


I grew up in a big creative family, drawing, painting and making for as long as I can remember and I've been taking photos since I was a teen when I saved up for my first Canon camera (heavily contrast 'emo' my chosen style back then). I studied art after high school before becoming a preschool teacher.

After doing long distance while we dated, I quit my job and joined Patrick traveling with his music, basing ourselves out of Nashville, Tennessee.


If any lifestyle lends itself to picking up photography, it's being a touring musician.

Not only have I been fortunate enough to visit many interesting places, that line of work also gifts you a lot of days when there is very little to do to distract yourself, be that the 3 day drive from one side of the USA to the other, the 14 hours between soundcheck and show at a festival, or the time spent at yet another airport baggage claim, when one of your 30 checked pieces has gone missing (again!).

Sure, I began to take photographs to document the new and exciting things I saw, but I also began to love the perspective through a lens that made me a passive observer of a situation, and not a participant (any other Enneagram Type 9's out there?).

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